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The #CaptainMeSweepstakes spanned across 5 days on Twitter with Hotels.com spokesperson Captain Obvious. We challenged his audience to use #CaptainMe formulas to calculate their captain names in order to be entered for the chance to win their own Captain Obvious costume. Each day, the runner-ups outcomes were announced with these illustrated tweets. 


Favorite Food + Last Purchase

You might not have won a costume, @RMayich, but here is this confusing yet awesome personalized drawing! #CaptainHamLottery
— @CaptainObvious, 11 Oct 2017

Your Biggest Fear + Favorite Condiment

Sadly, you won’t win a costume to look like me @girlgeekingout. That’s why we’re showing you what you’d look like as a different captain.
— @CaptainObvious, 12 Oct 2017

Your Childhood Nickname + Your Favorite Candle Scent

Sure you didn’t win, @shy_avocado, but you’ll never forget being named #CaptainSqueekyRose. Because we’re giving you this drawing of it.
— @CaptainObvious, 13 Oct 2017

Your First Pet's Name + Your Favorite Spice

Wow, I never thought we’d see you win my costume @RedPiFighter, and you didn’t! That’s why we’re giving you this drawing instead.
— @CaptainObvious, 16 Oct 2017

The Name of Your Childhood Stuffed Animal + Your High School Mascot

Sure, this drawing of your captain name isn’t the same as winning a costume, @OyinboSteve. Because those are two different things.
— @CaptainObvious, 16 Oct 2017


Kelly Saucier (AD)
Ian Hill (CW)

Quinn Katherman